Being “extra” prepared=opportunity to help someone else

Ok, so maybe you can’t really be “extra” prepared, but if you have something that you don’t immediately need, but that someone else does, it could be a great thing for the one that needs it.

Recently we packed up the family and headed to–you guessed it–Wyoming. We were headed to the Elk Refuge, in Jackson Hole. As you can tell, there was no shortage of snow. It was cold, etc., as you can imagine. What might be hard to imagine if you have never experienced it, is how much colder it can be when there is the Wyoming wind involved. While we were still in our vehicle, I checked to make sure that all the children had their hoods on their coats. Then we got out and waited in the visitor’s center for the tour bus to take us out to the refuge.

Then we got out to the refuge, where I suddenly (yeah, not my proudest moment) realized that it was me that had no head covering. This did not become an issue until we were on the horse-drawn sleigh with the wild Wyoming wind whipping my hair into my face. This tour was supposed to take about an hour, and oh, about 30 seconds in I realized that my ears were going to be painfully cold very soon. I held my gloved hands and my hair over my ears and wondered how I could have gotten my self into this situation…

And then, I saw my husband reach into his pocket. The pocket of his huge, hooded, parka, where I saw a gray cap that I have seen around but have rarely seen him wear. When he didn’t put said cap on his head, I said, “Are you going to wear that?”, (yelled it, actually, since even though he was just across from me, the wind made communication difficult) , to which he replied, with a grin, “No, it makes me look like a dork…”

And handed it over. To the sounds of laughter from me and the two closest strangers, which gratefully  I could still hear because my ears had not fallen off from the cold. And the cold is no joke–later on in the tour we saw an elk named “Dumbo”, so-named because he has no ears. When the guide was asked, we were told that the elk can hear well, but that he most likely lost the outer flaps of his ears to frostbite when he was very young.

Yeah, kind of embarrassing that I checked everyone else, but didn’t make sure I had everything that I needed in terms of warm clothing for this outing. You can take from that what you will, (make sure that everyone has what they need, etc.) but I for one am grateful for this cap….


…whether it made me look “dorky” or not. And for my husband, that brought “more” than he needed on a cold winter outing. If you prepare a little more than you need, it could make a big difference to those who don’t have everything that they need…


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